Dr. Kasey Eidson

Dr. Eidson attended the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Pittsburgh, receiving her PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Virology in 2006 and her Medical Degree in 2008.

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The delta strain is now the dominant strain in KY. It is at least 4x more contagious than the strain circulating in December 2020, the SYMPTOMS ARE DIFFERENT. Most people are reporting sore throat and headache as primary symptoms with loss of taste and smell coming as much as a week into an infection. Also, sneezing, unlike with the original strain. Unfortunately, the symptoms overlap with allergy and sinus symptoms.

Data Breach Notice
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COVID19 Exposure Explained
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COVID19 Testing
Our office does covid testing after clinic 4 days a week if needed for established patients.

Flu Vaccine Announcement!
We will be giving flu vaccines beginning on Sept. 21st. Drop in basis or at your regularly scheduled appt. 
Drop in hours are-9-11:30 am and 1:30-4:30 pm Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Friday. 

We will give the drop in flu vaccines in your car! Simply call and let us know when you arrive and staff will then run an insurance eligibility check and then a medical asst. will come out and you give your vaccine. Please be patient, there may be a wait. Medicare and private insurance patient's vaccine should be covered. Medicaid patients would be self pay due to our 3rd party vendor's payor guidelines. We can do self pay if interested. 

Attention Patients
We are staying open currently for normal office visits and taking precautions to keep ill patients separate. In addition, we are wiping rooms and equipment with 1% bleach after every patient and moving patients to clean rooms rather than using waiting room. We are also asking patients and staff to wear masks. Sick patients will have to remain in their cars until they can be assessed for risk of Covid-19.  We are doing testing at the end of the day for already established patients. Unfortunately we cannot do testing for non-patients.

We are a family practice office. We see all age patients, including infants. We welcome expecting mothers prior to delivery to discuss breastfeeding and help in getting breast pumps from insurance.
We will update this site and our facebook page, as we have new announcements.
Walk-ins are not accepted, however, we will try to accommodate patients for same day appointments by calling ahead.
We are currently not accepting new patients with Golden Rule Insurance